Book Testimonials

Note: Hard copies of the book are no longer available.

~David Scott-Donelan "Mike has been involved in LE tracking for close to 40 years and to my mind is probably one of the top ten trackers and instructors in this country. I can honestly say that his is the best book written on the subject that I have ever read. "

I reviewed this book for Mike before it went out for printing. I can say without a doubt that this is one of the best books I've ever read on the subject of tracking. Within these pages rests an incredible amount of knowledge that has been built over a lifetime by Mike Hull. This should be on the essential reading list of every LEO...whether they are local, state, or federal.

SF SGT. MAJ. Ken Galbraith (retired)

~Robert Brady - Amazon Review 2015 "As a seasoned tracker over 25 years tracking with LE, SAR & Military I have seen many books and manuals on Mantracking., Mike Hull has written a solid tracking book for all skill levels! I have a large tracking library and his book is among my most prized tracking books. He has a way to boil years of experience into well articulated simplistic teachings where the novice can understand the teaching points while the seasoned tracker can pick up on finer points that are best understood with dirt time under their belts. This book is a must for a well rounded study of tracking."

"This is a must read for any law enforcement officer who is already into tracking, or has an interest in tracking. When people hear the word "tracking" they usually picture some bloodhounds running after an escaped convict. Sure, this happens from time to time. In police work, the opportunity to use tracking is presented time after time, but most cops don't think to look for tracks or sign (they aren't "track aware"). When you get into the world of Game Wardens, Park Rangers, or Sheriff Deputies working in rural areas, the opportunity to track is presented every single day.

This book will open your eyes to so many things, from tracking armed subjects, putting together a crime scene, to how tracking can improve observation skills (leading to improved officer safety and picking up on "clues" that a lot of us don't think about.

If you are LEO and new to tracking or just getting into it, I would recommend this book combined with Rob Speidens book "Foundations for Awareness, Signcutting and Tracking". There are a ton of tracking books out there (I own about a dozen) and most of them regurgitate the same material with some new things added in every so often. Rob's book is a must have, but will do little good if you don't recognize how tracking can help LEO's in so many different ways. That's where Hull's book come in. Hull also touches on how to track and what to look for, in a way that an officer can relate to.

This book also appeals to me because it is based on facts and science that I can present to a jury. There is nothing "spiritual" in this book. If you are into "spiritual" tracking then there are other books out there for you. I can't tell a jury that I touched the man's track and could feel his spirit was scared because he had committed a crime or some other nonsense like that. I don't mean to put down other trackers or teachings, but I need to learn the type of tracking that a jury will understand.

I'd also like to point out that I have no relation to Speiden or Hull, have not been paid for this review or attended any of their classes or anything like that. I just wanted to leave this review since it is a great book but hidden because it doesn't have a flashy cover like the other tracking books out there."

B.B. Moore - Amazon Review 2020

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