Mike Hull is approaching 50 years of Law Enforcement experience with various agencies. Twenty Seven of those were as a Virginia State Game Warden.
For the last 45 years he has pursued knowledge and experience in the science of visual tracking and its value in Law Enforcement.
In doing so he has learned from many of the most outstanding Visual tracking instructors in the nation and accomplished tremendous results in promoting and using visual tracking skills in Law Enforcement. He has shared his knowledge at various criminal justice centers and in-service trainings for Local, State and Federal Officers from all over the United States.
Mike developed an online tracking class for Central Virginia Criminal Justice Center to educate officers on the value of visual tracking and foot impression evidence, he also self-published the book "Man Tracking in Law Enforcement".
Mike has also been heavily involved in the training of various US Military organizations such as Marine Combat Hunter Tracking Instructors, the Army Border Hunter Course, Special Forces SERE, and EOD personnel from all services. When he is not training others he remains a Special Deputy and assists with local agencies on special assignments.
If your agency is interested in hosting a class contact Mike at mikehullvitale@gmail.com or call 434-996-3639
Mike is pleased to have Kyt Lyn Walken, as a Tracking Instructor representing Hull's Tracking School in Europe.  Kyt has also completed the requirements for C. R. O. W.  (Conservation Rangers Operations Worldwide). She is the first female to have completed the course and earned the title Wildlife Conservation Ranger by C.R.O.W.'s standards.  Kyt continues to share her tracking knowledge through her outstanding courses offered all over Europe.  Follow her on facebook "The Way of Tracking". 
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Other notable Tracking Instructors :
Rob Speiden:   Natural Awareness Tracking School
Craig Caudill:  Nature Reliance School
Andrew Herrington:  Big Pig Outdoors
Charlie Williams:  Pineland Resources INC.