About Mike Hull

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I’m Mike Hull. I have been an outdoors man my entire life. I have also been in some form of law enforcement since 1974, 27 of those years as a Virginia State Game Warden.

I noticed a huge lack of knowledge in the law enforcement communities of the value of foot impression evidence, tracking and woodland operations. I have taken my personal experiences along with training from multiple resources and developed specialized training to enhance ones operational abilities in rural environments.

Hull's Tracking School

I specialize in teaching visual tracking skills for Law Enforcement and the military. Such as: tactical tracking for armed and dangerous persons, use of tracking in SAR, foot impression evidence collection and preservation, Surveilance, camouflage and concealment and woodland operation. I have established many tracking programs for Local, State and Federal agencies.   I have worked as subject matter expert in tracking and woodland operations for National Park Rangers at Shenandoah National Park, Blue Ridge Parkway and The Smoky Mountains. I have also worked as a SME in tracking for government agencies such as; The Border Hunter Course at Fort Bliss-Texas, The US Marine’s Combat Hunter Course at Camp Pendleton and Camp LeJeune,  Training SF SERE evasion instructors at Mackall how to evade trackers and canines and have been heavily involved in over 20 Basic Tactical Acuity Classes for military EOD.

What I offer is actual experience using tracking successfully and knowledge from multible instructors

  • Have received over 385 hours of instruction from 10 different Tracking instructors
  • Special Deputy since retirement in 2008
  • 6-years as a Special Agent with VA Dept of Game and Inland Fisheries
  • 22-years as a Virginia State Game Warden
  • 3-years VA Department of Corrections
  • 2-years private Security for VA Power
  • 6-years National Guard Military Police
  • 30-years as a Tracking Instructor
  • I have taught classes in 21 states, Guam and Canada
  • I have taught or assisted in the teaching of over 264 visual tracking classes as of 01/01/1990
    • 66 Classes for the Public
    • 43 classes for Local Law Enforcement
    • 64 classes for State Law Enforcement
    • 32 Classes for Federal Law Enforcement
    • 59 Classes for the Military